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Who is Lord?
What's in a Name?
Does it matter what we call Him?


Following the examples of the Bereans, we are on a journey of discovery. Most of us were brought up to say, 
Holy Spirit
God Jesus 

However, there are literally thousands of people called Jesus and more often than not, "Jesus Christ" is used as an expletive. 
As His Name is HOLY, we are continuing to explore the depths of meanings attached to His Name or His Names. There is no "J" in Hebrew and we have Anglicised so many Biblical words that their awesome significance in the original tongue has become diluted or made common. The Father is not just any old "god" and His Son is not any old "Jesus" - His NAME is the Name above all names. In the UK we have titles people calling themselves "Lords" but He is above all these "Lords" - in exploring the original meanings of the Hebrew Names He is addressed as in Holy Scripture, we learn more of His holiness and His divine nature. 

The original Names of the Holy Spirit reveal much about His nature and the living breath of 
Ruach Haqodesh. With so many false and deceiving winds blowing around masquerading as the true Ruach Haqodesh, we need to mediate on these aspects of the Word more than ever before to ensure we really know Him, His nature and his Divine character traits. 

Below are some of the Sacred Names of the Lord which begin to throw light on His greatness, His authority, His infinite power and His beauty. 






  • ADONAI ELOHAI - The Lord my God

  • ADONAI ELOHAYNU - The Lord our God


  • EL ELOHIYM - The Mighty God

  • EL SHADDAI - God Almighty

  • EL ELYON, ELOHIYM ELYON - The Most High God

  • EL OLAM, ELOHIYM OLAM - The Everlasting God

  • MASHIACH - Christ (Messiah)


  • RUACH HA’MASHIACH - Spirit of Christ

  • EL-YAHUAH, YAH, YAHUAH - Lord, God

  • YAHUAH ADONAYNU - The Lord our Lord

  • YAHUAH AHAVAH SHALOM - God of love and peace

  • YAHUAH ELOHAI - The Lord my God

  • YAHUAH ELOHAYHEM - The Lord their God

  • YAHUAH ELOHAYKA - The Lord your God (singular person)

  • YAHUAH ELOHAYKEM - The Lord your God (group of people)

  • YAHUAH ELOHAYNU - The Lord our God

  • YAHUAH ELOHAYU - The Lord his God

  • YAHUAH MEQODDISHKEM - The Lord who sanctifies you

  • YAHUAH NICCIY - The Lord is my banner

  • YAHUAH RAPHA - The Lord who heals you

  • YAHUAH SHALOM - The Lord is my peace

  • YAHUAH SHAMMAH - The Lord is there

  • YAHUAH ELOHIYM TSEVA’OT - The Lord God of hosts

  • YAHUAH TSEVA’OT - The Lord of hosts

  • YAHUAH TSIDQENU - The Lord our righteousness

  • YAHUAH YIREH - The Lord who provides

  • Yahusha - Jesus (Salvation)

  • YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH - Jesus Christ (Salvation in the Messiah) 

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